Current Situation

For the first few years Vishwas operated in a rented house.  4 years back the trust purchased two houses in JP Nagar, Bangalore. 
Maintaining two homes in their current state is not optimal because

  • Growing number of children and staff needs more space
  • Extra staff and duplication of activities needed to maintain two separate homes 
  • The structures are built like single family homes and not appropriate to house 50 children
  • The structures are old and need repairs


The trust has undertaken the project of integrating the two houses into one. A professional architect and a civil contractor have been identified.  The total expense for the project is estimated at Rs.35,00,000 (Rs.35 Lakh, ~USD $57K.) Existing donors have already pledged Rs.7 Lakh towards the project. The trust is looking to raise another Rs.28 Lakh.